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"Revitalizing Local Communities"
SATURNO JAPAN CO.,LTD.. was established in 1952 as the exclusive Japanese importer of the Italian company "Trefazione Satorno".Initially specializing in coffee, we now source a wide range of products including wine, gin, and food for store owners through our own global network. We strive to promote and revitalize connections in people's local communities through delicious, high-quality food products.
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"Creation of Nature-Coexisting Businesses"
SATURNO JAPAN is currently supporting the multidimensional development of new businesses. Focusing on water issues and societal polarization, we emphasize the importance of water and the necessity of its proper management in various sectors, from agriculture to the IT industry. Based on this philosophy, we own a water source in Hokkaido and are promoting nature-coexisting businesses. Additionally, we aim for "Regional Contribution through Multifaceted Business Deployment" and are actively involved in building sustainable business models for local communities through our three projects: "Import Business", "Environmental Business", and "Public Relations Business".
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"From Microscopic to Macroscopic Perspectives"
The international community and Japan are addressing common issues such as population, socio-economic, and energy problems. These issues occur on a global scale and trickle down to affect countries like Japan, local areas, friends, families, and individuals. Therefore, we believe that by expanding solutions from individual problems, we can contribute to solving global challenges. This may seem like a simple approach, but in our increasingly complex society, new problems are constantly arising. We aim to make a unique contribution to society in the SATURNO JAPAN way.
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The office in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, can be used not only as a meeting room, but also as a test kitchen, showroom, event space, and many other diverse uses.

2-13-29, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
JR目黒駅東口 徒歩3分(278m)
10:00~17:00 *完全予約制

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The laboratory, located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, functions not only as a manufacturing plant for soft drinks and other beverages, but also as a place to activate the local community.

1-5-21 Nakamachi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan
祐天寺駅東口 徒歩15分(900m)

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The factory, located in Shibecha Town, Hokkaido, is both a water extraction site for the company's own water source and a manufacturing site for a wide variety of products. It functions as a laboratory for the fusion of ecology and economy.

219-2, Aza-Kuchoro Wilderness, Shibecha-machi, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido, Japan