ABOUT Pablo Braque
"The Future of Innovative Business Promotion"
Pablo Black is a promotional support business aimed at advertising the products and services of business partners. We are focused on launching unique and entertaining projects. As an important part of this initiative, we have agent agreements with people active in the entertainment industry, playing a key role in communicating the appeal of our projects to consumers.
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"Collaborative Projects with Talents"
Satorno Japan develops unique brands and products through close collaborations with talents, musicians, and designers, promoting these both online and offline. Additionally, through agent services, we support the careers of talents, focusing on contract negotiations and job brokering. Moreover, we are expanding our activities in a wide range of entertainment fields, including producing artistic activities such as theater, supporting business partners, planning entertainment events, and supporting artistic endeavors, contributing to the industry with a multifaceted approach.
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"Contributing to the Development of Art and Culture"
Our vision extends beyond entertainment as a business promotion, aiming to expand into the realm of pure artistic activities. To achieve this goal, we support art activities themselves and contribute to the development of cultural activities. Specifically, through producing theater and other arts, we aim to promote artistic activities and contribute to the cultivation of a rich cultural environment.
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