"Creating a Sustainable Cycle of Ecology and Economy with Patented Vacuum Server Technology"
Ecoloop is a joint project with Inter Holdings Corporation. The dome-shaped vacuum container with a check valve, developed using technology applied in rockets, is the only one in the world that achieves a 99.5% vacuum rate (ultra-high vacuum), a patented technology. These vacuum containers can be used in various scenarios, from production to consumption, for solids, liquids, large, and small volumes. Not only do we sell 'Vacuum Servers' utilizing this technology, but we also create various values to ensure maximum benefits for our client companies.
Vacuum Patent Technology Fundamental Structure: Dome-Shaped Check Valve

〇特許保有の逆止弁 〇真空率は世界最高峰の99.5%(超高真空)を維持
○ Patented check valve ○ Maintains a world-class vacuum level of 99.5% (ultra-high vacuum)

The vacuum technology is designed with a very simple check valve structure. The dome-shaped silicon check valve, with slits cut into it, increases the force pulling it as the container's interior becomes more vacuumed, causing the upper part of the silicone to close the slits and thus maximizing the effect of preventing oxygen entry. On the other hand, when tilted downwards or pressed, the contents are expelled, but due to the valve's design, air does not flow back in, maintaining the vacuum state.
"Comprehensive Sustainability Solutions"
Ecoloop's Vacuum Server, utilizing its unique patented technology, is versatile in its applications, ranging from beverages like broths and sake to cosmetic products such as organic beauty oils. Ecoloop plans to expand into various business sectors, including resource development, consulting for new business development, and promotional support. Centered around the world's first Vacuum Server, Ecoloop aims to build sustainable business models in cooperation with various business partners.
"Creating a Sustainable Business Community"
Ecoloop facilitates business matching with companies that emphasize ecology and economy, aiming to develop business as a collective in environments where it is challenging to operate independently. It focuses on creating sustainable businesses that utilize resources and explores the infinite possibilities arising from the combination of companies across diverse business sectors. Ecoloop is transitioning from the Vacuum Server project to a project focused on creating business communities.
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